about Me

It’s deeply important to me that my work is meaningful; that what I produce, and that the lives my work touches result in something positive. This value, along with constantly learning, innovating, and finding time to laugh, form the basis of my guiding principles.

It has led me to work for organizations I believe in. I have spent the majority of my career working in the world of nonprofit organizations -- furthering social justice, equity, and making my community and world a better place.

You can contact me via email: adelewh@gmail.com

web Redesign

Project Manager, UX, Designer


I was hired at OSU College of Business in early 2019. The website was part of a multi-site Drupal 7 install which didn't allow for customization. It was also unorganized, full of dead-ends and out-dated pages from years of oversight.

I oversaw the re-architecting of the site, creating a new navigation system, and reorganizing the site so that it was usable by our primary audience, as well as creating our own independent instance of Drupal 7 so that we could have better control over branding, SEO, and SEM.